Thursday, October 19, 2006

Google Webmaster Central Adds New Tools

Google’s Vanessa Fox has announced on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog that Google has added four new tools for webmasters;

1) Googlebot Activity Reports shows a 90 day backlog of the number of pages Googlebot’s crawled on a site per day, the number of kilobytes of data Googlebot’s downloaded per day, and the average time it took Googlebot to download pages.

2) Crawl Rate Control lets webmasters change the frequency that Google crawls their sites by slowing down the Googlebot or have it visit more often… which could lead to bandwidth problems:

“If we feel your server could handle the additional bandwidth, and we can crawl your site more, we’ll let you know and offer the option for a faster crawl.”

3) Enhanced Image Search lets webmasters opt into or opt out of enhanced image tools such as the Google Image Labeler, which associates images included in a site with labels that can improve indexing and search quality of those images.

4) Number of URL’s Submitted lets webmasters view the number of URL’s which are could in the Sitemaps submitted to Google.

More information on the Google Webmaster Blog.